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A History Of The North Bay Ski Hill

“This book is a biography, not of a person, but of a place. It is the history of a hill, of its changing faces and functions and of its enduring nature. It tells the story of Jack Pine Hill, one small section of the larger escarpment that runs through North Bay, and the role that this hill played in the development of this city” – Allison Kooistra, 2002.

In 2002 Allison Kooistra conducted research on the history of the North Bay ski hill for the North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority. She did research in the registry office, conducted interviews with persons involved and copied many of the pictures in their personal collections.

In Spring 2007 the North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority gave permission to have that project printed and distributed locally. Allison then prepared a final draft of her report, selected photographs for the printed work, provided captions for them, and added some notes for further research.

The ICSOH undertook to print the work and made copies available to the Nipissing Library, the North Bay Public Library, the ICSOH research centre, and to the NBMCA.

Excerpts from the book and a selection of images from the project are provided here with permission of the North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority which retains copyright on the project.

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