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First boys' band in North Bay . First row, L-R, Alan Demarco (not related), Frank Matera, Nick Cangiano (worked for the ONR but taught music at home, could play several instruments), Frank Ceresia, Tony Demarco. Second row, L-R, Gene Schiavo, Frank Calarco, Heck Cangiano, Frank Pizzati ("Cheech"), Patsy Caico, Mike Fava, Bib Lucenti, Frank Demarco (later a professor); third row, L-R, Mike Palangio (later a wealthy home builder in Montreal), Stan Ceresano (later wealthy in real estate), Frank Chirico (later a doctor and artist), Vince Demarco (Tony's cousin, later wealthy in the building business in Toronto), Andy Cangiano, Jack Vendetti (Tony's brother-in-law), Ab Schiavo, Leon Deblasio; back row: unknown, Italo Gioia (organizer). This band played at Old Home Week in 1935 in the Main street area. Everyone was downtown. There was a midway on an empty lot which was the place to be at night. The drummers would get together and have a drum session and march downtown. Tony Demarco was 11 or 12 years old at the time. Tony also played drums in the high school Cadet band.